Executive Director

cholChol Dhoor
Executive Director
Chol received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a minor in Global Studies from the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont. He was also a McNair Scholar where his research focused on the “The Rise of Detroit Auto Industry.” He examined the roles of technological change and related “spilled overs” in the United States. On the sideline of this research, he also conducted an independent study on “Money Laundering and financial institutions” where he studied its direct links to power, corruption and foreign banks.

Prior to attending the University of Vermont, he attended a teachers training college in Kenya where he earned his International Primary Education Teacher Certificate and later rose to be a Deputy Headteacher in a refugee camp in Kenya. Recently, he earned a leadership certificate from the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission in Vermont.

As an Executive Director, he is currently working on six major projects: Strategic partnership with other agencies, recruitment of mentors/volunteers, search for a community center, grant writing gurus, community basketball and soccer teams establishment and targeted fundraising to secure funds for summer camps and college scholarships.

He currently works for a nonprofit organization in the Burlington area and witnessed first-hand accounts of the incredible role a nonprofit plays in bringing opportunities closer to various communities within Vermont. He is passionate about community empowerment, technological outreach, fundraising, healthy communities, successful kids, nonprofit organizations and the power of volunteerism in achieving common purpose.

During his free time, he loves hiking in scenic locations, listening to music, photography (absolutely no selfies), traveling, reading (a lot), movies, and spending time with friends and family.

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