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Sudanese Foundation of Vermont (SUDFUNDVT) is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded on April 30, 2016 to identify specific needs facing Sudanese children, parents and new Americans in Vermont. The foundation focus on providing summer camp scholarships, mentoring programs, college scholarships, soccer and basketball camps, and promotion of social events that brings families and friends together.

Our Mission
Our mission is to invest and support New American families to raise kids to succeed academically and athletically in Vermont. We also promote social events that bring families and friends together.

Our Visions

  • To advise middle and high school students to be adequately prepared to succeed in college
  • To work with local organizations, churches and businesses to create New American college scholarships
  • To ensure kids and families live in a lead-safe houses and contribute to their neighborhoods
  • To partner with state agencies to secure a new and community friendly center to host mentoring programs and new languages training
  • To identify specific challenges facing families and establish community relationships with school, housing/landlords, law enforcement agencies, mental health referrals, work place conflict, hospitals and court facilitation
  • To work with local colleges and students to provide home-based mentoring program to New Americans children
  • To organize community social events to promote networking, bring families and friends together to share their stories
  • To promote and embrace the positive power of early computer literacy at school and in the work place

Two Countries ONE Community

Nile Soccer Academy at a Lake Monsters game

The first Sudanese refugees arrived in Vermont in 1999, but majority of them came as a group of young men famously known as the “Lost Boys of Sudan” in the early 2000 through the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program (VRRP). The Sudanese Community in Vermont ended up here because of the challenging events of the early 1980s. On May 16th, 1983, a civil war broke out between Southern Sudan and Northern Sudan. This war regrettably displaced millions of people from their homes, especially in Southern Sudan. Many lived in displaced camps in Southern Sudan and eventually fled to refugee camps in neighboring Kenya, Ethiopian, Uganda and Egypt. In a refugee camp, their cases were vigorously screened for over two years by the U.S government and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) before they were granted a rare opportunity to be resettled in Vermont on humanitarian grounds by the US government.

You can imagine what it was like to come from a refugee camp straight to Vermont without anyone they knew. But that was not an issue. Many Vermonters and churches welcomed these young strangers and hosted them for weeks at their homes. Through these host families, churches and friends, we built relationships that helped us to go to schools, get jobs, driving licenses, housing, and provided family support services. Our resettlement in Vermont would have been incredibly challenging had it not been for these generous friends in our communities.

Since then, we established the Sudanese (South & North) Community Living in Vermont (SCIVT) as a platform to adapt to a new home and host future new arrivals. Little did they know that what they created would serve as an informal outreach to state and local organizations to rebuild their lives in a new home. Although the challenges of a new home were enormous, they work hard to achieve one of the pillars of the American dream, the education. Most of them went on to schools and earned the highest possible colleges degrees in various fields. Today, our community grew from just few young men to families and kids. While we achieved many things in our community, we realized that a targeted kids’ mentorship, summer camps, college scholarships, decent jobs, housing, and other family support services are still a great priority in our young community. 

In order to address these challenges, the Sudanese Foundation of Vermont, Inc. (SUDFUNDVT) was established on April 30th, 2016 as a community tool to launch intensive outreach and address problems facing families to raise successful children.

  Megan Beatty, Next Achiever Mentor and Coordinator

Megan Beatty, Next Achiever Mentor and Coordinator
Megan Beatty, Next Achiever Mentor and Coordinator

My name is Megan Beatty. I am currently a freshman at Saint Michael’s College, and am originally from Westford, Massachusetts. I’ve always loved working with children. I have many young cousins, which is how I discovered this passion.

During the summer, I teach swim lessons and am a camp counselor to kids between the ages of three and 12 years old. So, I jumped at the opportunity to continue my work with children during the school year through this program, because I wanted to and because I feel this is the area in which I can make the greatest difference.

Though I specialize in working with kids, I am passionate about people in general. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to learn about different types of people, as well as their countries and cultures, in my Anthropology class this semester. Two other passions of mine include peace studies and nonviolence, which I am minoring in at Saint Michael’s, and community service. I was co-president of my high school’s community service team, and am now involved with MOVE, the main service organization on campus. 

In my spare time, I often curl up with a blanket and read a book, listen to music, or watch movies with some friends.

Healthy Lifestyle Through Sports

Keeping kids active through sports is our mission. The Nile Soccer/Basketball Academy a community based sport program run by a group of dedicated volunteer coaches. Our soccer programs are on the weekends.J

Join Our Team

We are currently looking for experienced soccer and basketball coaches. Your gift of time would be greatly appreciated. Please send us an email at info@sudfundvt.org if you would like to join our ALL-STAR volunteer coaches team. Be sure to find us on twitter and Facebook for timely updates.

The foundation is encouraged by the support of the following soccer and basketball coaches:

  • Peter Abolich Keny
  • Yuol Herjok Yuol
  • Ismail Mohamed

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2019 Back to School Initiative

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Announcing 2019 Sudanese Festival

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September 24th, 2016

September 24th, 2016

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October 27, 2017

October 27, 2017

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