2021 Friends of Opportunity Scholars

2021 Friends of Opportunity Scholars

Charlotte, Vermont, August 20, 2021 – The Sudanese Foundation of Vermont (SUDFUND VERMONT) is proud to announce two students who will be recipients of the 2021 Friends of Opportunity Scholarship. This is our second year to provide this scholarship to our students in college. 

This scholarship was established in 2020 largely in part through generous donations from PC Construction and supplemented by dedicated friends to invest in young people of color to succeed in their educational dreams in the State of Vermont.

One of the recipients will be attending the University of Vermont as a freshman this Fall while the other will be attending the Community College of Vermont. Each scholar will receive $500.00 to buy books and other supplies directly related to their education. 

“This unique opportunity for students of color in Vermont and it has a huge impact on our students who are often the first in their families to go college,” said Chol Dhoor, who is the foundation’s Executive Director. I can’t imagine how this opportunity would have been possible had it not been for the generous businesses in Vermont, and PC Construction just made it a concrete possibility for our scholars,” he added.

Our goal, as the foundation, is to support our students to succeed in their college and give back to the State of Vermont as their main home. The Sudanese Foundation of Vermont is grateful to our donors for allowing us to create and provide this scholarship. We believe this scholarship will be a valuable financial resource to our first-generation college students. 

Please join us in congratulating Lucy and Adut on being awarded the 2021 Friends of Opportunity Scholarship!

Please contact us at www.sudfundvt.org or email at info@sudfundvt.org if you are interested in supporting the Friends of Opportunity Scholarship. 

Best of luck to both of you! 


Sudanese Foundation of Vermont Inc

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