500 Masks To Families Initiative (MAFI)

500 Masks To Families Initiative (MAFI)

When COVID-19 hit Vermont, the Sudanese Foundation of Vermont – SUDFUND VERMONT- appealed to the general public for masks to fight the pandemic in communities that needed them most. Thankfully, we got 500 masks. We are profoundly grateful to our own Director of Community Outreach and Fundraising, Eve Dolkart, FEMA, J. Steward and R. Cochran for securing these masks for our families.

We have launched a new Mask To Families Initiative (MAFI) and distributed more than 340 Masks to families, youth apartments, youth at risks and local stores where community members do their shopping. We have asked families, youth and local stores to distribute the masks as “symbol of service” to protect themselves, coworkers and neighbors. MAFI was launched with a recognition that Coronavirus is in the community with so much unknown. It’s not a usual or seasonal disease, at least for now.

The masks are washable, adult one size fits all and 100% cotton! And they have silver and copper to protect you – actually us – from germs and the viruses. SUDFUND VERMONT is encouraging kids to tie and dye their masks to express their messages on COVID-19 and how to stay safe.

We are accepting more masks. SUDFUND VERMONT will continue to give out masks at strategic locations in Vermont to defeat COVID-19 through preventive measures.

Please contact us at info@sudfundvt.org to join our Masks to Families Initiative or be a partner.

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