Community Programs

Community Programs

Community Programs

The following are programs of Sudanese Foundation of Vermont. These are spring and summer volunteer programs only and dependent on volunteers.

Achiever Mentoring program

 This is a home based mentoring program.  Volunteers are recruited and matched with kids to help with general reading, writing and homework assistance. We work closely with parents to run tutoring sessions at home. Last summer, we had five students from St. Michael College and one student from the University of Vermont who pioneered our first mentoring programs. We are currently recruiting for mentor’s.

Nile and Basketball Academy

These are an all-volunteer youth soccer programs. Our ultimate goal is to promoting healthy and active lifestyle through sport activities. Last summer we signed up 18 kids in our Nile Bright Stars Academy soccer program and recruited five Coaches. Through our outreach effort, the Nile Bright Stars received a generous donation of 22 soccer cleats from the great town of Swanton Department of Parks and Recreations. Our Nile Bright Stars soccer practices are closed in winter and resume in summer. We are accepting sport equipment, cleats, uniforms and soccer nets for Nile Basketball and soccer indoor and outdoor sport activities.

Summer Camp Scholarship

Many kids stayed at home during the entire summer when schools are closed because parents can’t afford to send their kids to summer camps even when some summer camps are generously subsidized. In order to remove this burden off the shoulders of parents and to ensure our kids stay active during summer when schools are closed, our foundation established a scholarship program to help parents afford summer camps for their children. In the future and with enough funding, we should be able to send talented kids to specialized science, computer and mathematics camps.

College Scholarships Program

The foundation believe that financial support not only does it helps the kids to discover their talents but it also provide a timely incentive to work towards their highest potential. Through this scholarship we are focusing on support learning and lessen the financial burden on the students. Providing scholarship to first time college students is an invaluable investment we hope you would join us in creating this important resource for our dreamers.

My Library Time

This is our newest program. We are creating this program to work closely with parents/friends to commit at least 4-5 hours of quality reading time at home or at the library with kids a week. Our goal is to supplement classroom learning by promoting regular reading and writing to improve proficiency.

Are You interested in Our Programs?

Please contact us on how to get involved in each of our community programs by writing to us at:

Sudanese Foundation of Vermont, Inc.
3325 Greenbush Road
Charlotte, VT 05445
Email: Phone: 802-355-3190