Donation Alert!

Donation Alert!

A few weeks ago, our Executive Director – Chol Dhoor – was invited to a breakfast by two great friends opportunity, Lori and Matt. At the breakfast, Chol was honored to receive a generous donation of $1000.00 (in addition to their initial contribution of $200.00 in October) to support the Vermont Friends of Opportunity Scholarship (VTFOS).

Chol established the Vermont Friends of Opportunity Scholarship (VTFOS) in 2020 to meet the rising financial needs of immigrant college students in Vermont. This targeted college opportunity is currently supporting three college students who are enrolled in Vermont colleges. This number of students is expected to double in the next two to three years. So we are ahead of the curve in investing early in our achievers.

We will be awarding $2000.00 scholarships to four students next semester. The award covers (but is not limited to) the costs of the books, school supplies, and any other expenses related to their education.

Please share this important work with your friends or visit to learn more about the Vermont Friends of Opportunity Scholarship and the amazing work the Sudanese Foundation of Vermont is doing for students. Be sure to email us at if you have any questions.

Thank you, Lori and Matt, for being strong advocates of college opportunities in Vermont for immigrant children

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