September 24th, 2016

September 24th, 2016

A statement from our Executive Director, Chol Dhoor:

If there is anything that I have learned since we established our foundation, it has to be the power to reach out for partnership. I’m pleased to announce that its served me well over the last few weeks, and I hope to be so in the future.

Please join me in expressing my deepest gratitude to St. Michael College’s students; Maxwell Crystal, Megan Beatty, Luke Woodard, Tanner Tomasi and Isabella Calicos (not pictured) who accepted the call to volunteer for the Next Achiever Mentoring Program. We secured this opportunity after I talked to their class few weeks ago, on the invitation of Professor Adrie Kusserow, who teaches Anthropology of Refugees at St. Michael College.

These Next Achiever Coordinators have committed their precious gift of time to help our/your kids with homework and all other aspects of tutoring right at kids’ homes! They started the program last week.Our goal is to expand this timely program to every kid who needs it. Kids will continually be matched with mentors as I recruit them from our local colleges in the greater Burlington area.

The Next Achiever Mentoring Program is uniquely designed to connect mentors and children right at their homes. I’m impressed by the excitement parents have expressed since we kicked off this programs. I will work with them to make this program a learning moment for the kids and mentors.

We are so grateful to Prof. Adrie for making our mentoring program possible! She has been an outstanding friend of our community and inspired many students over the years to connect with communities through service and understanding beyond a classroom.

It’s not with pride that I share this great news but to acknowledge how grateful we are to be graced by her students.

With immense gratitude,

Chol Dhoor, Executive Director